The Great British Weather

4 x 60' Wednesday 13th July 2011 BBC One

We love it, we hate it, but we never stop talking about it. The Great British Weather is the top topic of conversation in the UK, and this new show celebrates it.

In our mission to get to know the weather and what it does for us, we’ll get inside a cloud to reveal how heavy it is, we’ll visit the wettest place in Britain, we’ll discover the history of sunbathing, unearth the evolution of the umbrella, identify which clouds mean we should dig out our brollies and where to head for the most sunshine in Britain.

We’ll also disclose just how critical the weather has been in certain chapters of our history. The audience takes part - sending in their photos and weather stories - building a live weather map of the UK over the course of the show.

Comedian Alexander Armstrong, BBC weather presenter Carol Kirkwood and BBC Watchdog presenter Chris Hollins present the series live from a different place in the UK each week.

They kick off on the beach in Cornwall, before heading to the Lake District, to the Greenwich Observatory in London and finally to Stirling in Scotland. Each week they explain, explore, investigate just why we have the weather we have.

They are joined by meteorologist Tomasz Schafernaker who interrogates the accuracy of weather sayings each week: Does a red sky really herald a beautiful day? Do cows really lie down before it rains? And by veteran weather presenters John Kettley, Michael Fish MBE and Bill Giles OBE to answer all of our weather questions... The British are obsessed with the weather. In this show we'll find out why. Weekly at 7:30pm, from Wednesday 13th July 2011 on BBC One.