Famous, Rich and Homeless Series 2

Four famous people agree to sleep rough on the streets of London to experience the harsh reality of homelessness in the UK. Comedian Nick Hancock, TV presenter Julia Bradbury, ex snooker player Willie Thorne and celebrity cleaner Kim Woodburn all struggle with the isolation, fear, cold and effort of day-to-day survival. For each volunteer the streets become a test of their strength and self-reliance – and not everybody copes. They start to examine their own lives too and their relationship to homelessness: Willie has gambled hundreds of thousands of pounds away during a 40-year gambling addiction and has just gone bankrupt, while Kim survived being homeless herself as a teenager and has strong opinions on how deserving of help or not the homeless are in the UK. This social experiment, lead by John Bird, founder of The Big Issue, aims to expose the realities of an increasing homeless problem in the UK.