Battle of Britain: Model Squadron

In this new series, two teams of model flying aces from Britain and Germany come together to bring to life the greatest aerial conflict in history. Using cutting-edge laser technology that enable their model planes to shoot each other down, they recreate key moments from the Battle of Britain like never before.

With historian James Holland the teams uncover three crucial days that illustrate the tactics, technology and heroism that made this Battle so important in British history. The first is July 4th 1940 when the Nazis started their campaign to invade Britain and the RAF were dramatically outnumbered in dog fights over the English channel. The 15th August 1940, otherwise known as Black Thursday, is when the Luftwaffe tried to break the RAF with low level attacks on their planes on the ground. In history the Luftwaffe bombed the wrong airfield, but will the model Luftwaffe make the same mistake? The final day explored is 15th September 1940 – the climax of the Battle of Britain – when the RAF threw everything at the massed squadrons of Luftwaffe trying to attack London.

The series draws on the passion of model plane enthusiasts to bring a fresh perspective to what Churchill called ‘Britain’s Finest Hour’.