The Incredibly Talented Lucy

This is the extraordinary story of Lucy, the gifted young pianist who was propelled into the limelight after being crowned winner of the Channel 4 series ‘The Piano’. After this overnight success Lucy, who is 13, blind and neurodivergent, is invited to play at the King’s Coronation Concert at Windsor Castle.

But long before this royal invitation, in the picturesque valleys of West Yorkshire, piano teacher Daniel has been working with Lucy for over a decade, helping to hone her incredible musical abilities. Lucy’s natural talents are undeniable, yet her lessons with Daniel and the friendship that they have formed over many years working together - learning everything from Mozart to Miles Davis - has changed both of their lives for the better. But how will Lucy, and her dedicated teacher, cope with the unexpected challenges of her new-found fame and prepare for the biggest performance of her life?

This profoundly moving film from award-winning director Poppy Goodheart and executive producer Kira Phillips (Jeremy Kyle Show: Death On Daytime), tells the story of a truly unique friendship, exploring how the power of music has helped two very different people find their place in the world.